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Krentz String Works is a design and innovation company that specializes in fine string instruments and instrument accessories.
With the utmost quality and service and practical research we aspire to solve both the small and the seemingly intractable problems
faced by string players and to design truly revolutionary solutions with obvious and powerful results.
KSW has an intimate respect for the needs and desires of both players and makers.
Dr. Kevin Krentz, Founder, is a professional cellist, a teacher,
an inventor, and CEO of Krentz String Works, LLC.
Robert Brewer Young, Luthier, makes concert cellos, violas and violins
for established and aspiring soloists around the world.
Haeyoon Shin and Robin Adornato, Customer Relations.
Krentz String Works began ten years ago as a conversation between respected cellist, Dr. Kevin Krentz, and well-known luthier,
Robert Brewer Young. Kevin needed a great modern cello from a master maker with a balanced approach to all the facets
of fine instruments, and Robert needed a great cellist with wide experience and a talent for turning adjectives into practical
feedback on his already celebrated modern instruments. Thus began a beautiful and industrious friendship.



Heralded by many as the final solution to an ancient problem. Much more than a wolf eliminator. Buy it to stop your wolf, love it for the tonal enhancements.


For Decades, the most advanced research into the methods and materials of the great Cremonese masters has been outside of modern-day Cremona. Krentz String Works has brought decades of research back to Cremona to create instruments made by Italian Master Luthiers from the finest materials with our ground-breaking innovations.

Wood Primer and Foundation


Beautiful wood darkening that will not raise the grain.

Solving the problems he left behind.
Striving after Stradivari.
Solving the problems he left behind.
Striving after Stradivari.


What you can and cannot change.

When it comes to the sound of your new cello, the qualities that will keep your relationship with it healthy are a big bass, good projection, and ease of playing (speed of response). Nearly everything else can be adjusted quite easily. (more…)

How not to buy a new version of your old cello.

This is one of the hardest things to do. Every interaction with a possible new cello is colored by the sound of your current cello no matter if it is good or not. Most players first words about a trial instrument are not an unbiased review. Instead, they talk about the new instrument in relation to their old instrument, sometimes unknowingly. (more…)

What are your criteria?

For the professional who has likely purchased 3, and usually more, cellos in their careers, picking a lifelong cello is something that people rarely do the first time. Or the second. And very often, even the third. It all comes down to the criteria they used to make the decision.  (more…)