What We Do

Krentz String Works is a design and innovation company that specializes in fine string instruments and instrument accessories. With the utmost quality, service, and practical research, we aspire to solve both the small and seemingly intractable problems faced by string players. In an environment of products with large claims and subtle differences, we only bring solutions to market with obvious and powerful results.

Our History

Krentz String Works began ten years ago as conversations between respected cellist, Dr. Kevin Krentz, and well-known luthier, Robert Brewer Young. They learned much from each other. A naturally logical and inventive mind, Krentz began to focus on solving problems he saw as a performing string player. His inventions were soon sought out by string players and Krentz String Works was born. We constantly research and develop new products, and have partnered with several other inventors to offer their products as well.

Who We Are

Dr. Kevin Krentz is a professional cellist, teacher, inventor, and Founder and CEO of Krentz String Works, LLC.

Haeyoon Krentz is a professional cellist and teacher and CFO of Krentz String Works.

Tali Si Malott, Director of Operations

Innovations for Players and Makers

Close-up of modulators in a row: violin, viola, cello, and bass.


Heralded by many as the final solution to an ancient problem. Much more than a wolf eliminator. Buy it to stop your wolf, love it for the tonal enhancements.
Front view of a Krentz Cello.

Krentz Cellos

Our cellos are made with spruce from one of the most respected wood dealers in the world, Bachmann, in northern Italy. The cellos, designed in France and created by a tiny, award-winning workshop outside Shanghai feature bass bars that are 40% lighter than traditional designs with the same strength, resulting in greater speed and effortless dynamic change. The result of computer modeling and research, the bridges are reinforced with carbon fiber for greater projection and speed of response as well and are tuned using electronics to ensure your desired tone.

Price: 8,000 USD.

Two images in one. The image on the left is a close-up of the brass knob at the top of the endpin, nearest the cello, with the Krentz crown logo etched into the knob. The second image shows the entire endpin extended, supporting a cello on a wood floor.

Krentz Endpin

Experience much greater tonal power, projection, and reaction speed. Fired in a pressurized kiln filled with nitrogen gas, our endpin is made of silicon nitride, a material as hard and stiff as sapphire. 10 times as stiff as any other rod on the market, it does not flex like a spring to absorb vibration and reaction time from your cello. Money back guarantee.