What is Corene?

The material used for the manufacture of Corene™ offers the following specificities:

  • A look, feel and finish virtually indistinguishable from ebony in its color and structure
  • Resistance to acidity found in hand and fingers perspiration, reducing the need to correct the surface of the fingerboard
  • Excellent dimensional stability, not affected by humidity and temperature changes
  • Mechanical characteristic comparable to ebony, providing strength and the sensation of uniform elasticity, especially in higher finger positions
  • Surface hardness and mass volume equivalent to ebony, qualities essential for a sharp and clear tone

Corene™ fingerboards can be worked as ebony; the material is completely homogeneous which makes it very pleasant to work with traditional tools and traditional violin making methods.

Corene™ fingerboards are designed in Switzerland, machined with an accuracy of +/- 0.1 mm and supplied with all the finely visible surfaces, black ebony, uniform and revealing a slightly veined structure.

Corene Fingerboard Specs

Available for violin, viola, and cello in several sizes.

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