Corene™ Fingerboard Installation

The Corene™ fingerboards are made of an eco-composite material and should be used as follows:


The material is completely homogeneous and can be worked and machined using regular violin maker wood tools.


CAUTION: The Corene™ fingerboards must always be glued with the natural reversible glue (provided with the fingerboard), the usual skin glue traditionally used by violin makers will not work with our product. Dilute the glue granules with a little water and heat in a water bath at 70 ° C until a viscous mixture forms with the consistency of skin glue.

CAUTION: The Corene ™ fingerboards have a different porosity than ebony, making it imperative that they remain under press at least 4 but preferably 24 hours to ensure optimal bonding.

Assembly and Clamping

CAUTION: The Corene™ fingerboards have a cambered upper surface. When clamping the fingerboard on the handle, it is imperative to use a clamping method and tooling that does not deform and flatten the camber.

Available for violin, viola, and cello in several sizes.

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