Krentz Modulator


The Krentz Modulator changes, rather than absorbing vibrations from the top of the cello. As a result, there is no depreciation in sound quality. Rather, the device actually increases the efficiency of the instrument, allowing the musician to subtly control important aspects of the instrument’s tone.


Designed to fit an f-hole with the following size:

Violin 8.3mm | Viola 9mm | Cello 14.1mm | Bass 22mm

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Please Note:

*Past customers may recall two Cello Modulator models: Slim and Regular. The Regular model has been discontinued. The slim model fits nearly every cello and provides the same great tonal enhancement and wolf-killing that is the Krentz Modulator.

**In very rare cases, the handmade varnish made by a small number of modern makers is very soft and does not fully cure for years. This is likely not intentional. These instruments may develop a mark on their soft varnish. These marks can be French polished out, but further use of the Modulator is at the player’s discretion.